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About vipCMS
vipCMS is a content management system developed by Marios Nicolaou of Marnicsoft Web developments Ltd
The scripting  is  written purely in PHP,  MySQL, Javascript and CSS.. 
The project was started on August 13, 2004.
The following sites have been developed by M Nicolaou (Marnicsoft ltd) using vipCMS
  • Department of visual information processing (link)
  • Body sensor networks (link)
  • CMRtools (link)
  • MRCPass (link)
  • Nicopharm (link)
  • Blue Lizard Sunscreen (link)
  • 5B4WN  (link)
  • MIAR (link)
  • Charing Cross Plastic surgery department (link)
  • 1st International Virtual Association of Surgeons (iVAS) 2008 (link)