Optical Tissue Image analysis in Microscopy, Histopathology and Endoscopy (OPTIMHisE)

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Invited speakers have been announced:
  • John Tomaszewski

"Fused diagnostics: One paradigm for personalized medicine"

  • Tom Vercauteren  
 "Image computing for probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy"
Analysis of optical images of tissues is growing in importance in a wide range of areas such as molecular biology, life sciences, pharmacology and medicine. On a microscopic scale, automated analysis of histopathology samples obtained, for instance, using multi-staining and multi-spectral techniques is improving diagnosis and grading of cancer and other diseases.  With recent rapid developments in endoscopic microscopy techniques, cellular and molecular optical imaging modalities are moving into an in vivo in situ setting, which allows for non-invasive real-time tissue characterisation, functional assessment, and intra-operative guidance.

The resulting complex datasets pose a number of challenges many of which are distinct from conventional clinical imaging in their size and abundance, the detail of relevant features, and their statistics.   

This workshop aims to bring together clinicians, computer scientists and industrial researchers (1) to discuss the clinical challenges and open problems, (2) to present the state-of-the-art research in quantitative optical image analysis and visualization. The workshop aims to acquaint clinicians and pathologists with the role that quantitative and automated image analysis can play in tissue diagnosis; and also to inform imaging scientists of the most pressing clinical problems.

We invite submissions that address specific problems related to analysis of optical images of tissues.  We particularly welcome contributions that identify or address challenges of the mainstream acceptance of automated histology imaging and in situ in vivo image analysis, or provide solutions to the related problems such as mosaicing, probe tracking and multispectral analysis.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:    




o    Acquisition, storage, and processing of microscopy, histology, and endoscopy images   

o    Registration of multiply-stained tissue microscopy images  

o    Shape analysis and morphology in tissue imaging   

o    Multi-spectral and volume segmentation   

o    Grading and classification of histology images  

o    Content based image retrieval, semantic annotation and visualization of histology image databases   

o    Image mosaicing of microscopic endoscope images (OCT, microconfocal)   

o    Optical probe tracking and visualisation tools   

o    Dimensionality reduction, manifold learning and analysis of multispectral endoscopic images   

o    Computer aided diagnosis and prognosis.

The workshop will consist of two invited talks, oral presentations and a poster session.