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Virtual Angle BV
Virtual Angle BV provides  solutions, services, and technologies for mission and business critical information systems. Virtual Angle BV supports customers across several markets including telecom, medical, clinical, public sector, industry, aerospace, and defense. Virtual Angle BV was founded in 2004 and obtains 99% of it's turnover from exportations.
The company operates a quality system following the ISO9001:2008 specification and offers outstanding value for money, combining very quality with competitive costs. VA develops business activities at a global scale delivering innovative solutions have brought efficiency and effectiveness to the processes and business information management.
For more information please visit: http://www.virtualangle.com
Project Role
Virtual Angle BV will be responsible by man-machine interface design and development and the 2D and 3D image software integration based in the data outputs of the hardware to be developed.
Project Staff

Mr. Pedro Manuel Lopes Branco is the VA CEO and an expert in software development. He is or was involved in the coordination activities of several European Space Agency, European Commission and privately funded projects. Pedro in the last few years had provided consultancy in several fields including navigation, remote sensing, defence, security and civil protection for several governmental and private organizations worldwide.