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University Hospital Southampton (UHS)
The Wessex Neurological Centre is based at University Hospital Southampton. This is a large teaching hospital with a strong research and development team driving ongoing innovation. The Southampton Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (WTCRF) is at the core of the Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research Institute (SCBR), a strategic and facilitative unit which co-ordinates strategic collaboration and effective resource management at the University of Southampton (UoS) and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS) between all areas engaged in clinical translational research.

The Wessex Neurological Centre provides services to a population of approximately 3 million people and has a long history of innovation in neurosurgery. It has been a leader in developing new surgical techniques and performing randomised trials of new treatments as evidenced by the performance of the first deep brain stimulation procedure for Parkinsons disease in humans and landmark trials such as the British Aneurysm Nimodipine Trial.
Project Role
The team will be responsible for collecting hyper spectral images during tumour resection and providing training data for the development of the algorithms for the camera. Once developed they will also be responsible for validation of the hyper spectral camera. 
Project Staff 

The research team is led by Diederik Bulters. He is a consultant neurosurgeon and honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Southampton and trained in Edinburgh, Southampton and Cambridge. The team holds grants from EPSRC, TSB, NIHR, EU, and Wessex Medical Research. The main research themes are neurovascular disease, neurotrauma and neuro-oncology.

Silvester Kabwama is a Neurosurgery Research Fellow at the Wessex Neurological Centre. He trained at the University of Southampton and Kings College London. His research interests relate to the development and management of brain tumours. He is responsible for the day to day running of the HELICoiD project at the Wessex Neurological Centre. 
Harry Bulstrode is a Neurosurgery Registrar and Wellcome Research Training Fellow. He has trained in Cambridge, Oxford, London, Southampton and Edinburgh. His research interests relate to the molecular biology of neural stem cells and brain tumours, and to the application of spectral analysis to guide brain tumour resection. He will be working closely with Ardalan Zolnourian our Clinical Research fellow and our research nurses Julie Mitchell, Faith Vincent, Martina Brown and Barbara Watkins and Belinda Romans our clinical trials assistant.