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GEM Imaging
GEM IMAGING has been working since its creation in the development of molecular imaging technologies applied to health sciences. The company produces and commercializes two products based on PET: Albira (system for pre-clinical research) and MAMMI (PET mammography). GEM IMAGING is the world leader in molecular imaging equipment for intra-surgical procedures. GEM IMAGING has participated in the development of PET systems dedicated to brain, for the study of neurodegerative diseases. On the other hand, GEM IMAGING has a wide experience in intraoperative environments, gained through the development of the Sentinella system, used in thousands of interventions.

Project Role
GEM IMAGING selected and developed the optical and electronic sub-system for capturing hyperspectral images, taking into account the regulatory considerations necessary to allow the consortium to use the system in clinical environments.  GEM IMAGING leads the work package devoted to these tasks.

Project Staff
PhD. Noriel Pavón. 
Noriel Pavón obtained the Nuclear Physics degree in 1995 at the Instituto Superior de Ciencias y Tecnologías Nucleares (ISCTN), La Habana, Cuba. Obtained the Master in Nuclear Electronics in 1997 and the PhD at the University of Valencia in 2010. During the PhD work we collaborated on the development of a mini-camera gamma in the Medical Physics group headed by Prof. Benlloch at the Particle Physics Institute (IFIC-CSIC). In 2002 founded GEM-Imaging (Oncovision). He has been responsible for the electronic department but also carried out administrative tasks. He is in close collaboration with researchers of reference centers on medical technology. He is co-author of about 30 scientific publications and owns 4 technological patents.

María Teresa Ortíz Rubio
Telecommunication Engineer. She is currently the Sentinella project manager, taking care of all aspects related to the project development and future versions. She is in close contacts with clinical partners to identify the needs of the product users. She has been part of the Production Department of GEMIMAGIN, managing all aspects related to industrialization of the products developed by the company.
She has also been responsible for the Production Mangamenent of the all the product lines inside GEM IMAGING.

Ana Carmen Pardo
Telecommunication Engineer. She is currently the MAMMI Adjunct Project Manager. She is expert in internationalization aspects, including market analysis.
She has been involved in the business plan
definition for the products of GEM IMAGING.

Marta Saiz López
Administrator and business manager. She is in charge of all european comission communications, funding and auditing.

Vicente Carrilero López.
MD in Electronics and Degree in physics, expert in calibration of PET, Gammacameras and CT systems. He is expert in radiation detectors and radioactive protection .Also, has wide experience in Computer vision systems. His expertise in system calibrations will play a key role in calibration and light sources definition procedures.

Lucas Sanjuán Viñas.
Telecommunication Engineer, PRINCE2 Practitioner, and ITIL Expert. He is in charge of calibration SW implementation and will coordinate the project from Gem Imaging Side. He has 6 years of experience in acquisition systems as gammacameras, SPECT acquisition systems and CT and PET. His Hardware knowledge will play an important role in equipement choice as well as lightning and calibration procedures.