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11th November 2015: HELICoiD Interviews
There has been yet another TV appearance for the HELICoiD team , this time on the Canary Islands regional TV news program, “Antena Noticias 3 Canarias”. The clip featured  interviews with HELICoiD team members Gustavo Marrero, Juan F. Piñeiro and Himar Fabelo at the University Hospital Doctor Negrín.

5th November 2015: HELICoiD on Canary Islands TV
Fresh from being featured on EuroNews, the HELICoiD team has been attracting media interest in the Canary Islands, where two of the project partners - ULPGC and FUNCANCIS - are based. The project co-ordinator,  Gustavo Marrero, and colleagues Juan F. Piñeiro (a neurosurgeon) and Himar Fabelo (an engineer) were interviewed  live by the “Canarias Hoy magazine” programme on the regional TV channel Televisión Canaria. 

21st October 2015: HELICoiD Featured on EuroNews
The HELICoiD Project has been featured in a EuroNews documentary. The film crew joined the team in the operating theatre at University Hospital Dr. Negrin in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, to see the HELICoiD Hyperspectral demonstrator in action.
You can watch the feature, called 'Saving brain cells during cancer surgery' at:
And here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots of the filming: 

8-9th October 2015: Algorithms meeting in Las Palmas
On 8th-9th October, a number of HELICoiD team members met in Las Palmas for a workshop focusing on the algorithm development aspects of the project. Representatives were present from ARMINES, ULPGC, UPM and Imperial College,
The aim was to review the algorithms work conducted so far, to discuss new ideas and to plan work for the coming months. International team members were also afforded the opportunity to see the HELICoiD demonstrator in action.

The meeting was a great success, and showed how important occasional face-to-face meetings can be in ensuring that the efforts of the partners are fully integrated.

23rd September 2015: Best Paper Award
Himar Fabelo, HELICoiD researchers and co-ordination assistant at ULPGC, has won the best paper award for his presentation at the VI Jornadas de Computación Empotrada (Spanish Conference on Embedded Computing), JCE 2015. The paper, entitled "HELICoiD Demonstrator for Intraoperative Brain Cancer Detection using Hyperspectral Images", describes the construction of the HELICoiD demonstrator and presents some initial results from its use capturing training datasets in the clinic.

23rd April 2015 - Presentation on HELICoiD at ISBC 2015
Eduardo Juárez of UPM gave a presentation on the HELICoiD Project at the IEEE Iberian Student Branch Congress held at the University of Madrid from 23rd to 25th April 2015. More details at: http://www.ieee-isbc.org/2015/

19th March 2015: HELICoiD in the Media
As the HELICoiD hyper-spectral imaging project moves into its second year, it has been attracting attention in the media:
If you are planning to write an blog post or article about HELICoiD, we are happy to fact-check your text, and may be able to provide additional information or images. Please contact Dr. Michael Hughes in the first instance. 

27th February 2015: First Technical Review Meeting
The HELICoiD first technical review meeting was held in Brussels on Friday 27th February. Representatives from each of the project partners held a preliminary discussion meeting on Thursday, before being joined by the project officer and three expert reviewers for a formal review meeting on Friday.

February 2015: Postdoctoral Vacancy at Imperial College London
There is currently a vacancy for a research associate to work on hyperspectral image analysis at the Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London. Please see the Imperial College Vacancies site for more details (reference EN20150060SF). The closing date is 4th March 2015.

Recent Dissemination Activities at UPM
Two meetings have been held at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) with research groups outside of the HELICoiD consortium. These meetings had two aims:
  • To disseminate the contents of the project and,
  • To attract researches in other fields to collaborate with the HELICoiD project.
The first was held on 17th November 2014, those present were:
  • Juana Sendra, Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms and Applications to Curves and Surfaces (ASYNACS) at the Universidad de Alcala de Henares (UAH)
  • Rafael Sendra, UPM, Hoon Hong, North Carolina State University and Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Symbolic Computation,
  • César Sanz and Eduardo Juarez, UPM and HELICoiD
The goal of the meeting was to look for a long-term collaboration with this group of researchers on the mathematical aspects of detection algorithms.
With a similar goal, a second meeting was hold on 19th December, with attendees: 
  1. Margarita Ruiz, Pilar Barreiro, Lourdes Lleo, Belen Diezma, N. Hernandez, Laboratory of Physical Properties and Advance Technology in Agrofood (LPF-TAG)
  2. Çésar Sanz and Eduardo Juárez, UPM and HELICoiD
In this case, a long-term collaboration is sought with this group in the agrofood research field for the development of effective detection algorithms. Both groups expressed a commitment to maintain contact into 2015.