1) Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

Chair: Lord Sebastian Coe - LOCOG

The SAB will provide strategic guidance direction for ESPRIT, particularly in terms of translational, industrial collaboration and outreach strategies, and help to ensure the research evolves and responds to academic, industrial, commercial and healthcare stakeholder requirements.The SAB will play a critical part in the mid-term review of ESPRIT and membership will evolve to reflect the migration of research emphasis within the overall programme.

2) Programme Executive Board (PE)

Chair: Prof. Guang-Zhong Yang - Imperial College London

The Programme Executive (PE) board is responsible for the overall management of the ESPRIT project. The PE will mainly consist of the project co-investigators, UK Sport, and invited academics.Apart from monitoring and managing the academic qualities and research deliverables in the project, the PE will execute the research strategies and priorities based on the reviews and recommendations made by the RSG, and develop strategies for knowledge transfer and dissemination activities.

3) Research Steering Group (RSG): research guidance and prioritisation

Chairs: Dr. Scott Drawer-UK Sport/Prof. Leonard Fass-Imperial College London

The research steering group shall provide scientific review and guidance. The group will consist of academics, industrialists and key user stakeholders in the ESPRIT programme. Membership will develop and change over time as the focus of ESPRIT evolves. The role of RSG is also to make recommendations to the management committee of the continuation or termination of certain research activities, as well as the key element of initiating new directions of strategic importance as technology in pervasive sensing evolves, such as proof of concept (PoC) projects and extensions of the core activities (GOLD Core+). The prioritisation of research resources to these new strategic directions will use a process of peer review and assist to define the additional research and resources required to intersect with the long-term goals of the Programme. Prioritisation recommendations will pass to the PE for funding decisions and then ratified by the SAB.  

4) ESPRIT Programme Manager

Dr. Benny Lo - Imperial College London

The role of the Programme Manager includes:
  • Develop links between the broader industrial community, RSG and academics.
  • Drive dissemination activity, running workshops and seminars where appropriate.
  • Undertake thematic project reviews and report problems to PE and the SAB.
  • Monitoring and supporting knowledge transfer activities and projects.
  • ESPRIT communications processes