The UK has internationally leading centres of excellence in pervasive sensing, performance science and medicine, technology and elite performance training. The advances made by these centres have transformed many aspects of modern sports. Intensive specialisation can bring gains, but combining groups and approaches can secure vital advantages through synergy of these gains. The combined approach will allow an integration of physiology, biomechanics, performance enhancement and technology into a single activity. This will benefit not only sport performance but also provide an impetus for advances in personal healthcare. The key research focus of the proposed research programme is to pursue Generalised Body Sensor Networks; Optimised Sensor Design and Embodiment; Learning, Data Modelling and Performance Optimisation; Device and Technology Innovation (GOLD) in elite sports. The main objectives of the proposed programme are:
  • Stimulating creative and adventurous research in using pervasive sensing for elite sport performance monitoring and advanced athletic development;
  • Attracting and nurturing talented young researchers in using ESPRIT as a platform to advance engineering and physical sciences in sports and ultimately into life-long health and wellbeing; 
  • Building collaborations with sports governing bodies, elite athletes, coaching and support teams and accelerate knowledge transfer between the research base and industry; 
  • Catalysing cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional research; 
  • Identifying major challenges and developing a shared vision among the stake holders in extending the UKs lead in sports and ensuring a sustained increase in participation and innovation in sports;
  • Providing both athletes and trainers with sport-specific innovative techniques for a real-time observation of motion, physiological and team interaction parameters that would provide a better modelling and understanding of athletic performance;
  • Building a better understanding and focus in engineering and physical sciences research in pervasive sensing and identifying its transformative value in healthcare and promoting life-long health and wellbeing;
  • Creating a sustainable base for UK research scientists and engineers with international recognition;
  • Use of elite sport as a unique test-bed and the elite athlete model to develop the technologies and knowledge that can cross transfer and benefit the UK in wellness, disease and ageing.