Seminar on Catalytic Nanomachines by Joseph Wang, UCSD

On Thursday, 11 July 2013 at 11am BST Professor Joseph Wang from  University California  San Diego will be giving a talk on Catalytic Nanomachines at the Hamlyn Centre at South Kensington Campus of the Imperial College. 

The Seminar is free to attend, however, advance registration is required at www.nanomachines.eventbrite.com as places are limited. 

The talk will be entitled  Catalytic Nanomachines: Design and Biomedical Applications and the abstract for the talk is as follows:  The remarkable performance of biomotors is inspiring scientists to create synthetic nanomachines that mimic the function of these amazing natural systems. This presentation will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the design and operation of artificial nanomotors and demonstrate their prospects for diverse biomedical applications. Particular attention will be given to catalytic nanowire and microtube motors propelled by the catalytic decomposition of a chemical fuel, as well as to fuel-free (magnetically or electrically-driven) nanomotors. While artificial nanomotors still pale compared to nature biomotors, recent advances indicate significant improvements in the velocity, power, motion control, cargo-towing force, scope and versatility of such catalytic nanomotors. The greatly improved capabilities of chemically-powered artificial nanomotors could pave the way to exciting and important applications ranging from drug delivery to nanosurgery, and to sophisticated nanoscale devices performing complex tasks.

The poster for the talk is available here and can be shared within interested parties.