BSN Workshop 2004

International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks  

April 6-7 2004
Imperial College London, United Kingdom

April 6th, 2004
Introduction: Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub, Imperial College
Session 1: Biosensors Technology and Designs

  • Prof Jim Rusling, University of Connecticut: "Designing Electrochemical Sensors based on Ultrathin Biomolecular Films and Nano-materials" (abstract, slides)
  • Prof Tony Cass, Imperial College: "Protein Design for Biosensors" (abstract, slides)
Session 2: Environment and Context Sensors
  • Kristof van Laerhoven, Lancaster University: "Multi Sensor Context Awareness"  (abstract, slides)
  • Benny Lo & Surapa Thiemjarus, Imperial College: "Feature Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks" (abstract, slides)
  • Duncan Smeed, University of Strathclyde: "MiPOS - the Mote Indoor Positioning System" (abstract, slides)
  • Petar Goulev, Imperial College: "Utilizing real time AffectiveSensors to incorporate emotions into human computer interactions" (abstract, slides)

Session 3: Low Power Sensors and Communications

  • Dr Eric Yeatman, Imperial College: "Advances in power sources for wireless sensor nodes" (abstract, slides)
  • Prof Chris McLeod, Oxford Brookes University: "Applications for implantable SAW pressure sensors" (abstract, slides)
  • Dr Vincent Larik, Medtronic  (abstract, slides)

Session 4: Biosensors Technology and Designs

  • Prof Pankaj Vadgama, Queen Mary University of London: "Implantable Sensors: Materials and the Tissue-Sensor Interface" (abstract, slides)
  • Dr Danny O'Hare, Imperial College: "Electrochemical Methods in Physiology: From Mass Transport to Signalling" (abstract, slides)
  • Dr Christopher Harland, University of Sussex: "Non-Invasive Human Body Electrophysiological Measurements using Displacement Current Sensors"  (abstract, slides) 

April 7th 2004
Session 5: Development platforms
  • Prof Joe Paradiso, MIT: "Wearable Wireless Sensing for Interactive Media" (abstract, slides
  • Martin Strohbach, Lancaster University: "The Smart-Its Platform for Embedded Context-Aware Systems" (abstract, slides)
  • Prof Jon Cooper, Glasgow University: "Lab-on-a-Chip and Lab-on-a-Pill: Moving to Remote and Distributed Integrated Sensing" (abstract, slides)
Session 6: Body-area wireless technology
  • Dr. David Yates , Toumaz Technology: "Optimal Transmission Frequency for Ultra-Low Power Short Range Medical Telemetry" (abstract, slides)
  • Dries Neirynck, Bristol: "Wideband Channel Characterisation for Body and Personal Area Networks" (abstract, slides)
  • Dr Yang Hao, Queen Mary University London: "Body-Centric WLANs for Future Wearable Computers" (abstract, slides)
  • Yanna Vogiazou, The Open University: "Healthcare Compunetics: An End-to-End Architecture for Self-Care Service Provision"  (abstract, slides)

Session 7: Clinical applications

  • Dr Adrian Flowerday, Docobo Ltd: "Lessons learnt from long-term Chronic Condition Monitoring" (abstract, slides)
  • Philip Needham, Cardionetics: "Arrhythmia Analysis in the Community" (abstract, slides)
  • Dr Martyn Boutelle, Kings College London: "On-line monitoring in neurointensive care using rapid sampling microdialysis" (abstract, slides)
  • David Malan, Harvard University: "CodeBlue: An Ad Hoc Sensor Network Infrastructure for Emergency Medical Care" (abstract, slides)
Session 8: Clinical applications and future perspectives
  • Prof Nick Peters, Imperial College: "BSN for Cardiology: breaking the episodic limits" (abstract, slides)
  • Dr Leonard Fass, GE Medical: "A Vision of a Wireless Hospital"  (abstract, slides)

Concluding Comments Prof Guang-Zhong Yang, Imperial College (slides)