Poster Presentation

MICCAI Poster Hall Layout

        Click here to see a detailed PDF file of the poster hall layout.

Poster Dimensions

The poster size for MICCAI 2009 is standard A0 Portrait (841mm in width and 1189mm in height). The conference will supply materials for mounting the posters. This size specification must be strictly adhered to in preparation of your posters.


Posters will stay up throughout the entire conference and they can be mounted either during the Welcome Reception on Sunday evening (7:00pm, 20th September) or Monday morning  before the conference starts (8:00-9:00am, 21st September). Posters should be removed on the last day after the end of the last poster session. Each poster will have a unique identifier, which is available from the Full Conference Program.


In addition to normal A0 poster displays, we will also be showing e-Teaser for all posters. Yes, we are bringing Poster Teaser back again at MICCAI 09! Deadline for upload 1st September, 2009.
Each poster author will be given the opportunity to give a 60 second presentation during the Poster Sessions to show a single slide e-Teaser in PowerPoint. During Poster Sessions, the poster hall will be divided into 8 zones, i.e., a dedicated zone for each poster session. Each poster session will have a moderated e-Teaser presentation slot, during which time your poster will be displayed on a large LCD screen in portrait format for you to present your work to the audience of your session.
Throughout the day of your poster-presentation, the LCD screens in the poster-hall will display a continuous show of the e-Teasers of the day.

Please note:

  • PowerPoint 2003/2007 will be used (no PDF documents please);
  • Each e-Teasers should include title and authors;
  • You may include movies or animations but make sure you use a standard codec;
  • Each e-Teaser will be displayed for approximately 60 seconds (45 seconds for the actual slide show and the rest for introduction);
  • Use formatting and font size appropriate for LCD display in portrait format;
  • No access will be provided to the computers running the e-Teaser during the conference;
  • Click here to upload your poster e-teaser now!

MICCAI 2009 Graphics

The following media files may be useful for preparing your slides and promoting the MICCAI society.