By sponsoring MICCAI, your business would be associated with the world's premier conference on medical image computing and computer-assisted intervention.
Extended Focus for 2009
While the conference is usually attended by up to 800 world-leading researchers, including scientists, engineers and clinicians, additional participants will be invited in 2009 from the health industry, government departments, information technology sector and related service industries.
With its enhanced format, MICCAI 2009 can feature your business in an event that unites more world-leaders and innovators from more industry sectors and regions, to share knowledge that improves patient care globally.
Take Advantage of a Unique Opportunity
Sponsorship commitments for MICCAI 2009 are being sought from January 2009 to underwrite the conference financially and to enable organisers to develop a unique format that delivers international exposure. By committing your support now, your organisation can take advantage of a full year period of exposure during the lead-up to the conference, and beyond. This period will involve sustained promotion of the conference through a range of channels including marketing activity, publicity, and speaking opportunities.
Sponsorship of MICCAI 2009 is available at three levels, each creating business opportunities and offering specific privileges for sponsors:
  • Platinum sponsorship
  • Gold sponsorship
  • Silver sponsorship
  • Bronze sponsorship
Sponsors & Exhibitors Pack
The MICCAI 2009 Sponsors & Exhibitors Pack provides full details of the sponsorship program, and the privileges and entitlements associated with each of the sponsorship levels.
For Sponsors & Exhibitors Pack, please email: sponsor@miccai2009.org