Augmented Reality
Date: Tuesday, 25th June 2013
Venue:  Room No 120, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London, SW7 2AZ 
Location: No 33 on the South Kensington Campus Map, available here
This year the Hamlyn Symposium Augmented Reality Workshop is delighted to welcome Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic Productions, who will be giving us the film industry perspective on 3D. We also have two of the leading researchers in surgical guidance and vision, Graeme Penney from KCL and Danail Stoyanov from UCL. 
The latter section of the workshop will consist of five short video presentations. Augmented reality and mixed visualisations are often poorly represented in still images in papers and/or posters. Video is the best format to present such systems short of live demos, which are often impractical. Video-based presentation will make for a concise, informative and exciting meeting. A prize will be awarded for the best video. Further details are given below. 
The aim of this workshop is to bring together clinicians, computer scientists and other engineers of various related disciplines in order to share the latest developments in the field of image guidance and augmented reality in robotic surgery. Through the fusion of imaging modalities and the enhancement of the surgeon's sensory experience, participants in this exciting area of research hope to revolutionise robotic surgical practice. The workshop will look at the technical areas of registration, modelling and visualisation as well as clinical systems and applications.
  • Accurate and reliable fusion of preoperative and intraoperative views
  • Display technology for image guidance
  • Augmented environments in planning and simulation
  • Novel intraoperative registration strategies including the use of intraoperative imaging
  • Novel tracking techniques including hybrid and vision-based systems
  • Image constrained tissue tracking
  • Biomechanical modelling and tissue deformation analysis
  • Hardware and software for real-time operation and deployment
  • Integrated visualisation in robotic surgical environments and other minimally invasive platforms
  • Clinical applications and case studies
  • Validation studies


09:00 Arrival & Coffee

09:30 Introduction

09:40 Invited Talk   Image guidance for complex aortic repair: from PhD papers to 100 patients - Dr Graeme Penney, King's College London

10:20 Invited Talk   Surgical vision: tracking instruments and scene flow - Dr Danail Stoyanov, University College London

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Invited Talk  Storytelling in 3D - Anthony Geffen, CEO and Creative Director of Atlantic Productions

12:10 Video Presentations (each approximately 3 minutes + 5 minutes for questions)

    • Bone thickness map projection for device positioning in Bonebridge (TM) implantation - W. Wimmer, K. Gavaghan, M. Fusaglia, J. Guignard, N. Gerber, S. Weber and M. Caversaccio, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, University Hospital of Bern
    • A holographic display for medical image data - Philip Swaney, Medical and Electromechanical Design Lab, Vanderbilt University
    • Physics-based Augmented Reality for Liver Surgery - N. Haouchine, J. Dequidt, I. Peterlik, E. Kerrien, M.-O. Berger and S. Cotin, INRIA, Lille
    • Robotic and augmented reality-assisted liver segmentectomy - L. Soler, P. Pessaux, E. Marzano, M. Diana, T. Piardi, D. Mutter and J. Marescaux,IRCAD & IHU, Strasbourg
    • Augmented reality navigation system for ear surgery - Hyun Seok Choi and Jae Sung Hong, Department of Robotics Engineering, Graduate School, DGIST, Korea

    12:50 Concluding Remarks, Best Video Prize

    13:00 Lunch


    Dr Graeme Penney - Senior Lecturer, King's College London

    Graeme Penney has now worked in the field of 2D-3D image registration for almost two decades, and is still using some of his original code.  Over these two decades he has managed to get a PhD from King's College, spend a year in Imaging Sciences in Utrecht, three years at University College before returning back to King's as a senior lecturer.  His current interest still include 2D-3D registration for image guided surgery, and he also researches into improving image quality and velocity measurement using 3D ultrasound.

    Dr Danail Stoyanov - Senior Research Fellow, University College London

    Dan Stoyanov has worked in the field of surgical vision for over 10 years. He obtained his PhD from Imperial College working between computing and the surgery department at St. Mary's Hospital. He moved to CMIC at UCL in 2011 to found the surgical vision group focusing on the development of deformable structure from motion, scene flow and photometric and geometric endoscope calibration. His applied interests are in surgical vision for biophotonic imaging modalities, computer-assisted interventions and objective surgical skill evaluation and analysis.

    Anthony Geffen - CEO and Creative Director, Atlantic Productions

    Anthony Geffen is one of the world's leading documentary film producers. He worked for the BBC for ten years before setting up Atlantic Productions, and also more recently the 3D company Colossus with Sky. His recent productions include the Bafta award-winning Flying Monsters 3D, and the multi Emmy award-winning BBC series First Life, both with David Attenborough. He has also produced several award-winning apps and Imax films.


    Delegates should register for the main Symposium and Augmented Reality Workshop here: http://www.hamlyn-robotics.org


    Philip Pratt, Imperial College London

    Eddie Edwards, Imperial College London