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Ahmed Elsaify Memorial Award
In memory of the late Dr. Elsaify, the Visual Information Processing group from Imperial College is offering the Dr. Ahmed Elsaify Memorial Award in the annual International Conference in Wearable and Implantable Body Senor Networks (BSN) Conferences.
Prior to joining Imperial College, Dr. Ahmed Elsaify was a researcher at Southampton University, and developed a sustainable wireless sensing platform for monitoring glacier movements. Since he joined Imperial College in 2007, he had made significant contributions to the research of the BSN and pervasive computing. During his last one and a half year at Imperial College, he developed one of the most versatile wireless sensing platforms, called vision sensor network (VSN). The VSN platform does not only enable the development of ambient sensing applications for healthcare and sports, but it has a wider aim to introduce the concept of distributed wireless vision sensing in the research community. His work had been well recognised through his publications in prestigious conferences and journals.

The annual Dr. Ahmed Elsaify Memorial Award is established to recognise an outstanding graduate student or postdoctoral researcher that best demonstrates the innovative talent and qualities in scientific research exhibited by Dr. Elsaify.
The authors of the papers accepted in the BSN conference will be considered for the award. The conference's steering committee will form a panel to assess the papers and select the candidate for the award.